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The Concept

Sustainability, Affordable Luxury, and Leading-Edge Technology

As the real estate market in Mexico continues to evolve and adapt to changing demands, a disruptive development known as EKHO is making waves on the horizon. Located on the edge of Playa del Carmen, EKHO introduces an unprecedented concept of a green, low-density, and sustainable smart community. With its unique features and commitment to innovation, EKHO is set to redefine luxury living in Mexico.

Behind this visionary project is the designer renowned for creating La Escondido in Playa del Carmen and the acclaimed Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, recognized as one of the best beach clubs in the region. EKHO represents the designer's next endeavor, bringing together elements of sustainability, affordable luxury and leading-edge technology to create an exceptional residential development unlike anything seen before in Mexico.




Strategically located in the serenity of the jungle yet only 4.7 kilometres from the beach and all the action, you won't see any 5G towers around here, only flora and fauna. To ensure residents can easily access the coastal attractions, dining establishments, shopping centers, and other amenities around town, EKHO provides free EV shuttles as a convenient transportation option.

The development comprises 8 distinct residential sub-divisions, offering a variety of units ranging from villas and condos to lofts and penthouses with private pools and killer views. EKHO's master plan includes an abundance of green spaces and natural winding lazy rivers, a signature element of the esteemed designer. In addition to the residential areas, EKHO also incorporates two commercial zones, adding convenience and variety to the community.



EKHO prides itself on its integration of cutting-edge technology. Each unit is equipped with an AI assisted control center and remote app, allowing residents to easily order food, housekeeping services, and maintenance, as well as conveniently manage bill payments and monitor the usage of various services like utilities. The development also boasts high-quality construction and high performance materials like cellular concrete, ensuring a durable and luxurious living experience for its residents.



For those who prioritize an active lifestyle, EKHO offers jogging and biking trails within its boundaries, encouraging residents to embrace a healthy and outdoorsy way of living.

To enhance the community's livability, EKHO incorporates various amenities and features. Green rooftops create a lush and eco-friendly atmosphere, while EV charging stations support the growing demand for electric vehicles. Dog parks cater to residents with furry friends, ensuring that every member of the family feels welcome and cared for.

Partnering with esteemed beach clubs, EKHO extends its luxurious offerings beyond its borders. Residents can enjoy exclusive access to these beach clubs, further enhancing their coastal living experience. In addition, residents will have easy access to professional services like electricians, plumbers and even lawyers via our bilingual in-house concierge team. 


The development's private infrastructure ensures security and exclusivity, while its commitment to sustainability is evident through its utilization of solar power and clean energy sources. Recognizing the importance of water in the region, EKHO takes steps to address this vital resource. The development has its own water source and features an onsite desalination and filtration facility, ensuring a reliable and sustainable water supply. The potable tap water undergoes rigorous testing three times a day to guarantee purity and peace of mind for residents.


Owners can expect to save approximately 90% on the cost of utilities thanks to these environmentally friendly initiatives.

*On November 24, 2022, SEMA (the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) approved EKHO's MIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) through Resolution No. SEMA/DS/2347/2022 MIAO - 008 - X1 - 22 0117. The authorization noted EKHO's impressive degree of sustainability and compliance, with no observations or concerns raised.

To promote a strong sense of community and convenience, EKHO maintains low homeowner association fees. Additionally, rental administration fees are kept at a minimum, encouraging residents to explore rental options for their units without financial burdens.


EKHO's commitment to safety and security is paramount. The development provides onsite first aid and security assistance at the tap of a button, giving residents a sense of comfort and peace of mind. Additionally, every unit comes equipped with security cameras, adding an extra layer of protection.

As Mexico's real estate landscape continues to evolve, EKHO emerges as a pioneering force, revolutionizing the concept of sustainable luxury living. With its commitment to sustainability, affordable luxury, and leading-edge technology, this groundbreaking development is set to redefine the future of real estate in Mexico. EKHO represents a new era of green, smart neighborhoods, and it undoubtedly offers a glimpse into what the future holds for Mexico's real estate horizon in 2023 and beyond.


The Timeline

Prepare for a seamless journey to EKHO's 2025 delivery date. With a management team steeped in experience and unwavering integrity, paired with a design and construction process optimized for efficiency, you can expect a smooth, timely delivery without any significant setbacks. Your project is in capable hands.

The Opportunity

Secure your place in this leading edge community before market prices take effect. You can own in EKHO for as little as $165,000 USD for a 2 bedroom unit. Reserve now and your one time Sport Club fee will be waived. ($12,000 value) If you're interested in this project, speak with us asap to have all your questions answered and invest with confidence. 

More Photos and Pricing Details

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