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I'm so grateful for all the clients, colleagues and mentors who became friends and all of the following kind words. It means more than you know. Always here for you guys!

Hear From...


There is nothing more valuable than to be respected by a group of your professional peers.


These folks are why I show up every day. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve each and every one of you.


"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Thank you to all the giants who lent me a shoulder.

What They're Saying

"Mandy is the go to in Q.Roo for all things RE. Highly recommended. This is coming from an agent in B.C." - Roman Homes, Canadian buyers

"We had a very positive experience working with Mandy on the buying side. She is very responsive and generous with her time to ensure her clients are happy. We highly recommend working with Mandy." - Peter & Mary Poksik, NY buyers

"I always enjoyed working with you. We have the same work ethic." - Hazel Richardson, Remax Maya

"Mandy makes you feel protected and supported throughout the entire process. She's a trusted person who will remain a friend even after the delivery of your property." - Daniela Villareal, colleague 

"Mandy is genuine, knowledgable and really cares about finding me the right property. It's all about a quality experience for her and I will always look to her for my real estate needs and advice!" - Tania Amodio, Canadian buyer

"Very professional." - Alan Dresser, Canadian buyer

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