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One Prime

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Team Behind Me

Allow me to introduce my agency, One Prime

As I may have mentioned somewhere, I wasn't planning on working when I got to Mexico. It was pure chance that connected me with One Prime but I'm so glad we crossed paths so I can now pay it forward to those who come after me. They are a fairly young agency but show the professionalism, competency and integrity of the biggest names in the industry. Our CEO is actually the VP of AMPI, the real estate association in Mexico, giving us a professional advantage. You may or may not know that real estate is not regulated here the same way it is in other places. You could compare it to the Wild West. With anyone able to hang a sign up and call themselves a real estate agent, one would be wise to practice a hell of a lot of due diligence when setting out to buy property here. My agency and CEO are leaders in the industry, advocating for more regulation and certification requirements for brokers. This is one instance where I probably wouldn't argue too hard. I've encountered some really cringe-worthy characters in my first year of business down here. Fortunately, One Prime helps me navigate the muddy waters with their knowledge and experience.

My colleagues are hands down the best part of this new journey. We come from different places with a few Mexican nationals in the mix but our team was strategically formed as an international sales force to serve mainly foreign clients. Much younger than I am, these kids keep me entertained and on my toes. From left to right in the photo above we have Eduardo, Brandon, Daniela and yours truly. Our British counterpart, Rick was missing that day.

One thing One Prime loves is a good party. If you follow my social media accounts (which you should go and do right now) you'll see frequent launches and other professional events and team building parties. All work and no play...!

A Team You Can Trust

If there is ever a time when I'm not available, you can count on one of these guys to come through. (Unless they were at a party the night before, then it's questionable...)

What are your thoughts on buying foreign real estate? Have you done it before? Where? How much do you trust the professionals in other countries? Would you feel better working with someone from your home country? Share your thoughts below or send me a message. I'd love to hear from you.


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