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  • Mandy L.

Short Listing Properties in Riviera Maya - Questions to Ask Yourself

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Do yourself a favor and think about the following before you start your property search.

There are some questions to ask yourself that will greatly improve your property hunting experience and help us nail down the perfect place for you.

“Knowing my clients is the best way to make them happy. Period.”

The following are among the questions I'll ask you before I start to search for your new property but the more you can tell me about yourself the better. Knowing my clients is the best way to make them happy. Period.

First I'll hit you with the standard questions like number of bedrooms you need, budget etc. but that's the easy part. I also need to know the intended use (living, vacationing or renting) and if its for personal use then who will be using it and which season(s). I'm going to keep you talking as long as I can to find out subtle characteristics like whether you're an urban professional or a nature junkie. Are you accustomed to loud noises or do you have PTSD, did you have any idea I was this thorough? Do you have pets? Children? What are your interests? Do you plan to buy a car or other road-worthy vehicle? This matters, you don't want to be that nature junkie without a sturdy SUV to get around the jungle in rainy season.

Some of these will be easy enough but some will be tough questions. What if you want serenity AND convenience? To complicate things even more, not everyone involved will have the same preferences. I always ask my clients to come up with a list of non-negotiable requirements, a list of things they'd like to have and finally a lofty wish list. This way we can come as close as possible to making everyone happy.

Location Location Location

When it comes to the subject of location, there are some preliminary questions that will help us get a better sense of where you'd be happiest but the ultimate test is a visit. I'll pick you up and we can explore a few different towns to see what your vibe is. My most popular towns with clients are Tulum for the investment quotient and Playa del Carmen for the conveniences and community but Akumal is super cute too along with Puerto Morelos. Both more affordable than the first two. Puerto Aventuras is an exclusive gated community centred around a marina for you boaters. Then way down the coast we have Mahahual which is like the next Tulum. Very small now with beachfront units still available at a good price. We can discuss all of these in more detail but the best thing will be an in-person trip down here.

If you're deciding among a few countries, this is even more involved. Take your time, try to rent for at least 6 months before making a commitment if you're planning to live full time in your new home. It's a big decision.

Paying For Your Property

“Real estate here in Mexico is mainly a cash market for foreigners.”

This is a big one as it will determine where you can and can't shop. Real estate here in Mexico is mainly a cash market for foreigners, however for Mexican citizens bank financing is an option as long as the property has what is called a "regimen de condominio". It basically means that enough of the construction has been completed to deem the property a residential living space and not a construction zone. There are a few post delivery finance options available for foreign buyers but not many. There are third party lenders who charge very high interest rates, this might work as a short term solution. There are also a few developers who are big enough and established enough to offer partial financing. The most common way for foreign buyers to purchase real estate here is a home equity loan from their own country. In Canada I recently heard that HELOCs will soon come under more regulation in terms of what you can do with the funds so make sure to discuss with your financial institution if you're thinking of going this route.


Save this page and when you're ready to begin your search, sit down and mull these questions over. Make notes. Then reach out and let's find your new home!


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