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Who Am I?


I'm a professional, certified real estate agent based in Mexico's Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen specifically. Originally a mortgage and finance broker from Canada, I've been working in Riviera Maya's market since 2021 when I was invited to join my first international sales team by the president of the real estate board himself. I've since made some excellent connections and learned to navigate the very unique real estate landscape here in Mexico. I absolutely love being on the fun side of the desk now and look forward to helping you through the delicate process of buying or renting your next home in paradise. 

Although my focus is Mexico, I can also give you information on properties and lifestyle in countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and of course Belize.

When you work with me you'll have access to all the contacts and resources it took me years to gather. I'm committed to helping you achieve a soft landing in your new country.

Why Latin America? 

Why not?! It's beautiful and sunny with warm, friendly people to welcome you. A move to Latin America can translate into freedom from so many things. For me it was freedom from Canada's harsh winters and high home prices among, ahem... other things.

Everyone's definition of freedom is different. Some want freedom from the daily grind or at least want to be location independent. Some are seeking the financial freedom that comes with owning an investment property. Some want more freedom from their governments, high taxes, bureaucrats and gatekeepers. Some don't want to live in a 15 minute city, can't say I blame them. Whatever your goal, it's important to work with an agent who listens and understands your individual investment and lifestyle needs. 


What my
clients say:


"We have had the pleasure of working with Mandy with respect to helping us purchase a home in Mayan Riviera area of Mexico. We found Mandy online and she reached out to us to help figure out our needs in a realistic manner.


Mandy has been nothing but professional in her approach with us. She really takes the time to listen and give her honest feedback. Mandy worked with our timelines and budget without any agenda. She really puts her clients needs ahead of the sale.


Mandy has encouraged us to make frequent trips down to understand what living is really like in the area, she does not focus on a quick sale, but rather our comfort level with respect to a big life change, which we really appreciate. Mandy has helped in navigating the real estate market and everything that goes along with a big move like this. She really looks out for her clients. We would strongly recommend Mandy to anyone who is looking to for someone to be in their corner when purchasing real estate in Mexico."


Sahar Ahmad (Toronto, Canada)

"We came over from Germany looking for a property we could use for longer holiday stays and eventually for year round residency.


Mandy supported us very well and we were very comfortable with her from the beginning.


As strangers in a foreign country and not speaking Spanish unfortunately, we were looking for an absolutely trustworthy and reliable person who could accompany us, not only to buy a property but to help guide and support us in some other things we urgently needed.


Until now Mandy has done a great job helping us with translation, best information and connecting us with some other friendly and helpful local contacts.


This gave us quite a lot of confidence to do the right things in Mexico.


We have also recommended Mandy to our close friends in Germany as the right Real Estate Agent for trustworthiness and quick support in everything."


Wilhelm Schmid (Germany)

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