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Working at home

Imagine a high tech, sustainable community in the jungle yet close to modern conveniences...

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Presented by Mandy Lee
Founder & CEO at Selling Freedom - International Real Estate

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A bit about the host: Mandy permanently moved to Mexico in 2020 at the first mention of the word "lockdown" but not before becoming a client of ECI and subsequently deciding to help others find their freedom abroad. She joined the ECI affiliate team and founded Selling Freedom - International Real Estate, a remote service offering advice, support and Latin American property hunting assistance.


Once in Mexico she aligned with a local real estate agency who was leading the charge in the booming international market as more and more fled their home countries due to overreaching governments. With the president of the real estate board as her new CEO, the internal policy was nothing less than intensive industry training, mandatory licensing and a high level of integrity. This has given her the edge required to serve her Canadian, American and European clients who are forever grateful for this beacon of light who helped guide them to freedom. 

In this webinar we will cover


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